Thanks for a great session today. Well, they are all great sessions – I do feel my business advances each time I have some input from you.

Hilary Fisher

Independent image professional, Richmond Personal Style

Nicci Bonfanti

Sales Coach, Trusted Sales Dynamics

What can I say? “Everyone should have a Julia” You have made my life so easy and saved me hours (perhaps days) of time and lots of health bills.. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, professionalism and flexibility and definitely going the extra mile. Your ability to impart knowledge in many ways so that I “get it” is a testament to your incredible people skills. Your knowledge of the social media industry has been incredibly helpful. Thank you …. until next time 🙂

Ingrid Fear

Success Coach, Blue Inspiration

Just asking Julia is the perfect way to get into social media. She doesn’t only address how to do it, vital as that is, she delivers everything else too. Julia clearly explained the different social media options and helped me identify what I wanted to achieve. She is now helping me take each step on that journey. I am building my website and Twitter following; Facebook and Instagram are next. Julia totally understands my needs and works at a pace and level that’s right for me. What more could you ask for?

Allison Hill

Writer, Allison Hill - Writer

Thank you so much for today’s session – it has really got me thinking and was incredibly useful. What also helped enormously is that you spoke my language and didn’t blind me with techno-speak!  As you will see on Facebook, I’ve written my first blog and am so delighted to be able to do so easily.  A million thank yous x

Roz McLeod

Vocal Coach, The Ultimate Voice / Heart & Soul Choirs

Thanks for the brilliant [Focus & Solve] session —it was most helpful and great for my clarity of where to put my efforts and time.

Alessandro Ferullo

Qigong Teacher, Flowing Health

Julia helped me to find my way around WordPress and writing a Blog. I did not even know how to get on the website so let alone how to operate it. I now have a good idea of all the tools and functions to enable me to write a readable and well composed Blog. I feel more confident as a result. Thank you Julia for your patience and clear explanations.

Leonie Wright

Healthy eating advisor and author, EatWright

Julia is a knowledgeable teacher who teaches by example. She is generous with her expertise and offers immediately usable tips and techniques. All of her advice was relevant to my business and the specific processes I wanted to learn. Her follow-up was very thorough and I appreciated her support. I strongly recommend Julia to others who need technology training!

Cristina Benson

Strategic Marketing Communications Specialist, Cristina Benson Communications

What a profitable way to spend a couple of hours with Julia. She really did take the fear out of technology for me. Now I do my monthly newsletters with enjoyment rather than dread. We got through so much ground in just a couple of hours. Now I have my own template, understand the reports and how to manage my lists of subscribers, as well as how to create and manipulate graphics. My newsletters will be so much more creative and arresting for my readers. Thank you Julia, I feel so much more in control.

Fabienne Wattam

Tutor, Kumon - Teddington

Julia was recommended to me and I am so happy that I connected with her and asked her to take my business to the next level. I now have a project finished which was started about 3 years ago, and a Lead Magnet which will spread Joy throughout whilst attracting clients that want to work with me too! Thank you Julia, you took the terror out of offering myself to a larger audience and have inspired me to look at different ways of doing more!

Paula Adams

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (dip), Paula Adams Energy Healer - the connection for a heart centered mind, body and soul

Thanks Julia. It’s such a relief to get them [scheduled newsletters] all done. I hadn’t quite realised how much stress it was causing me knowing they were left to do. I’ve already had one of the sign-ups from last year email me to find out my charges. I’m sure that’s on the back of receiving the newsletter last week to remind her about me.

Rhiannon Ford

Divorce Consultant, Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy

I’ve really enjoyed working with Julia to create my new website. She has this lovely way of making big scary projects effortlessly come to life. She is full of insight and good ideas about how to give your business an online presence. My rebranded website was a big project, but Julia made it straight forward and quickly turned it around. From brief to completion, she was super helpful and patient. Not only did she recreate exactly what I wanted, but she also gave me training so now I have the ability to update it whenever I want to. I’m delighted. My new brand shines through and feel confident that customers will be able to go online and find out more about me, connect with me on social media and book coaching with me! I also know that I can call on her and book more support whenever I need her. It’s reassuring to have a technical coach on call when you are not very confident in that department! Thank you so much Julia. It looks fab!

Lisa Parkes

Child coach, Smiley for Life

Julia has been instrumental in helping me set up the technology enabling my Life Coaching practice – from making my website more interactive, to setting me up on Mailchimp, to connecting up my Marketing process. Not only has she sorted some things out for me, but she has also trained me to be able to confidently operate others myself. Julia is calm, clear, practical, to the point, always focused on the needs of her clients’ business, and a joy to work with! I recommend her to anyone looking to enable their small business further through technology.

Monica Castenetto

Life Coach, Live A Life You Love

About my Workshops:

I have gone on workshops before where I find myself inwardly groaning at how reality did not match the hype and how I felt hoodwinked out of my cash. How wonderful then to attend Julia’s workshop where the reverse is true. Packed with useful, practical information which can be applied at once and absolutely cracking value for money, thank you so much Julia.

Claire Dyson

Hypnotherapist, Untangle Your Life

Julia has the ability to teach in an approachable, relaxed manner and makes technology that may be daunting to some, easy to understand. In a recent workshop I attended you could see the penny drop time and time again, as delegates came to grips with concepts which were a mystery before. In just a few hours all of us learnt so much. Thank you Julia! Your workshop was informative and fun and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Jessica Jager

Photographer, Jessica Jager Photography

Julia’s workshop on the ‘What, why, when and how of email marketing’ was easy to understand, informative and fun. She is an excellent presenter, sharing info in a really user friendly way. I took away loads of tips and have a much clearer understanding of where to start – in fact I am all set to send my fortnightly newsletters, now I know what to put in them and how effective they can be. I recommend Julia highly – she is a totally ‘Fabulous Woman’!

Jane Hardy

Director, Fabulous Women

Julia makes the impossible seem simple – we were all so excited to be able to promote ourselves in such a professional looking way.

Joy Skipper

Joy Skipper Food & Nutrition Consultant

Julia’s training technique is a gentle approach and she has the patience of a saint! Her concise instructions are jargon-less and therefore easily comprehensible to those of us who find IT dull and uninspiring. Her unflappable manner is both calming and refreshing because she puts her clients at ease immediately. Instead of feeling like a technophobe, I felt like it was not all beyond me and encouraged to learn more.

Barbara Ewing

Holistic therapies trainer, Moonstone Light

About my VIP sessions:

I had a one day intensive MailChimp training session with Julia yesterday. I needed to sort out automation of emails using MailChimp. Julia was superb. She mapped out the different flows that I may want and what would be in the flows, so before we started on MailChimp we had clarified exactly the different permutations. This was key because then setting up the workflows was easy – all the hard work had been done.
Julia’s strengths lie in her logical thinking and being able to clearly map out the solution(s) and it all making perfect sense to a non-techy like me. And of course delivered with calm and humour.
It was an excellent day – I got exactly what I wanted from the session and more.

Karen Espley

Business Adviser, The Chameleon Guide