You know how frustrating it is you know you have to do loads of techie things in your business, but you don’t really know where to start?  I remember that.

You know how confusing it is to be told you just ‘have to do’ newsletters/Twitter/Facebook/etc but don’t have a clue how?  Been there.

You know how it can take hours and hours of endless internet searches, trial and error, to try and muddle through yourself?  You don’t have to!


Business owners who feel nervous of using techie-tools in their business, who are feeling overwhelmed and nervous with technology, the self-confessed (and sometimes closet-) technophobes, are the people I want to help.

In fact, if you feel like a numpty, then you are my absolute favourite type of person!  That’s because ‘numpty’ is a good word in my book, because it stands for Not Understanding the Massive Potential of Technology…Yet.

Let me show you how technology can help you grow your business, save you time and help you find customers.

Don’t like jargon?  Me neither.  Like it simple steps and straightforward explanations?  Me too.  Want to take things at your pace and not the breakneck speed that your children try to show you?  Excellent – that’s how I like to work too.

Sounds like we could do great things together – want to find out more?  Get in touch via or call me on 07831 611264.


Here’s my story…

I’m Julia Elgar and just like you, I run my own small business.  Just like you, I deal with those small business challenges.

My old corporate jobI haven’t always done this, though – for 20 years I worked for a large pensions and insurance provider.  I started working there straight from college, seeing it as my it-will-do-until-I-discover-what-I-should-be-doing-with-my-life job.  But I became used to the regular income, the short commute, the camaraderie and I was enjoying climbing the corporate ladder.

I worked my way up from administration to managing a team, through into business analysis, project management and laterally, propositions development (taking the wouldn’t-it-be-great ideas people had and making those ideas become realities).  I worked a lot with the techie people, the real IT bods.  But I’m not an IT bod myself – I just ‘got’ what they said.

What I was – and still am – quite good at is translating techie-jargon into plain English and understanding how technology tools can be used to help businesses and people.

Julia giving reflexologyYay!  I was made redundant!

In 2009 I was made redundant.  At the time it felt horrible and personal, but I then looked upon it as an opportunity.  So I retrained – as a reflexology therapist.  It was my knee-jerk reaction – I didn’t want to go back into the corporate world where the red-tape and politics drove me crazy.  I had decided to do something that helped people feel great.

I completed my training and started my own business.  Gosh, it was tough – I had to find clients, do my own marketing, create a website, do the accounts…all by myself.  I started networking (as much to have some human interaction as spreading the word about how great reflexology was) and social media was just starting to be used by some businesses.

Just Ask Julia was born

It was through talking to other business owners at these networking events that it became clear that technology was quite a scary thought for a lot of people.  This was a revelation to me – I was enjoying that side of the business, tinkering about on my computer with newsletter software, spreadsheets and all sorts of techie tools – it hadn’t occurred to me that others might not find it so straightforward.

People started to ask me how I did things and I would give tips and explanations.  I really enjoyed helping them, seeing their ‘aha’ moments.  And as people used to say “just ask Julia, she’ll know”, Just Ask Julia was born.  Over time I did less and less reflexology, and finally closed that business in the summer of 2014, so I could concentrate on helping people with their technology troubles.Business card

“You don’t make me feel like a numpty”

That’s what one of my very first clients said to me and remains my favourite piece of feedback to date.  My clients say that I have patience, the ability to translate the jargon, and a clear way of teaching.  I love helping them see how technology can help, not hinder their business.  I get a kick out of taking away their fears of technology, showing them that it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

“Julia’s training technique is a gentle approach and she has the patience of a saint! Her concise instructions are jargon-less and therefore easily comprehensible to those of us who find IT dull and uninspiring. Her unflappable manner is both calming and refreshing because she puts her clients at ease immediately. Instead of feeling like a technophobe, I felt like it was not all beyond me and encouraged to learn more.”

And I don’t want you to feel like a numpty

Let me help.  Let me take away the pain, the frustration and the wasted hours trying to figure out how to use the technology you know must be able to help (if only you could get the blasted thing to work).  Let me make it easy.